Me and my barn


Hi, I'm Elizabeth Fox. That's me in the 4th grade.

For the hordes of people I know are looking for me: I was "Betsy Fox" when I was growing up in Glendale, California, then "Ellen Fox" at Thomas Jefferson Elementary. We moved to Burbank, CA where I went to John Muir Junior High ("famous for friendliness") and Burbank High. I got people to call me"Vixen" in high school when my main social life was with the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society. I went to San Francisco State where I majored in history, of all things. Before we moved here, I lived in the same apartment in San Francisco's Richmond District for 23 years, which is some kind of record. Now I'm Elizabeth. Hi!

I live in Campbell, California, in the Silicon Valley, with my husband Pat Brundage. I'm a technical writer who works on HP NonStop Systems. We used to be Tandem Computers, then we were Compaq for a while, and now we're part of HP Computing. I worked on SQL manuals for a long time, and now I do hardware and software manuals for systems.

I've got a LiveJournal which I don't update very often, and I post picures on Flickr, even though its interface is horrible now. My main online social life is at The Well.

Pat and I used to run a dead pool known as the Dead Club but it's on (probably permanent) hiatus.
My knitting and quilting projects I like crows and ravens

Send me mail: crow AT well DOT com
Last updated November 2, 2013.