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I learned to knit when I was in college and recently I've gotten back into it. Click the thumbnails for bigger pictures. Visit Ravelry to see more recent projects.

Putty cables Putty cables
The first challenging sweater I ever made, 30 years ago. I still wear it all the time.
Gansey Gansey sampler
A fisherman's gansey from a Penny Straker design. It's a three-ply English yarn that's practically waterproof. A miniature gansey, a sampler, from Beth Brown-Reinsel's Knitting Ganseys. (George Cat provides scale.)
Rocking cables Blue cables
The pattern's called "Rocking Cables". The yarn is Classic Elite's Waterspun. I liked knitting this one. It's a little heavy and droopy.
Mitts Convertible mittens
These mitts are Noro's Kochoran. I love the colors and the angora fuzziness. These excellent mittens were a free pattern. The yarn is Rowan's Tweed TK.
Kitty hat Equilateral hat
I've made two of these hats for myself and a couple for friends. Get the free pattern at Kittyville. The Equilateral Triangles Hat from Tradewind Knits. Noro's Kureyon.
Tomten jacket Tomten jacket
My first Tomten Sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman's pattern. I got help from the Knit Baby Surprise group at Yahoo!, devoted to knitting EZ's patterns. Another Tomten.
My current project, a Lopi cardigan.

I've done a little quilting:
little quilt I made this little quilt a few years ago. I like these optical illusion designs.
amish quilt This is a wall quilt I work on sporadically. It's a copy of a Amish wool quilt that was made in 1950. The colors are amazing. Mine is cotton. I pieced the top by machine but I'm quilting it by hand.
quilting Here's a close up of my quilting.

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